Sunday, 24 March 2013

Assignment #3


U Mobile-Teh Tarik Commercial

1) Thumbs up if you still remember this in 2013! This is U Mobile one of the earliest commercial for their postpaid mobile service, the U38 Plan. Yeah, it's damn funny!

2) THE IDEA - Teh Tarik, Half, Cheap, Mamak Stall.

3) THE CONCEPT - Drink teh tarik in the amount that you needed. If the teh tarik was half of a glass, so does the price. If you used the service, you just have to pay the exact amount that you use. No extra charge.


Nike Football Commercial - Take It To The Next Level

1) This 3 minutes commercial is one of my favourite commercial. It's CREATIVE! We can experienced ourself as a young player who starts his career at a lower league club, play against the bigger club in Europe until have an opportunity to play for his country and become the national hero. Probably?

2) THE IDEA - Me, Young, Experience, Talented, Face View.

3) THE CONCEPT - WE can experience ourself to play with the biggest name in football match. We feel the thrill, excitement and the passion to achive the victory. Of course you will face the failure, but to be the best, you need work harder to be the HERO! 

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