Sunday, 17 March 2013

Assignment #2

I know not many people really true in love with football, futebol, fussbol and etc. Football is a art game, where both team play stylish and entertaining game for the fans. The passion from the each player in the field to give their best and the energy of the supportive fans make this game really happening and unite for the same objective; to see their team win!

For the football fans, if we say "football", they never forget about the country that has so many legend and talented players. Yeah, for me, I think about Ronaldo de Assis Moreira a.k.a Ronaldinho. There was no other player same like him. He's the one and only Ronaldinho. He reached the peek of his career when he was in FC Barcelona. For me, he is creative in playing football. Let me prove it.

Brazil is famous with their samba. Ronaldinho always played music and dance with his family. It is their tradition and way of express their feelings. Samba teach him to use his footwork to improve his agility and the sway of the samba into his football tricks. When on the pitch, he just imagine that he hear the samba and starts to doing his tricks.
" I always think of samba when I have ball at my feet and it works!"

Ronaldinho has been described as being "skilful by nature, his tricks are unparalleled and he is wonderful with the ball at his feet. One of the coolest players in pressure situations" and a "fast, brash, skilful, tricky, an uninhibited playmaker" who provides "a mix of goals, assists, skills and a large repertoire of crafty moves.

"There are not many players who can offer goalscoring passes like he can. He is just marvellous. He is a rare case of an assist man who can provide the ball from anywhere.

Here some cool video of his magic and his smile.:D

Nowadays, many young and talented player from all over the world play in the highest competitive league. You name it, Messi, they said he is like Argentinian Diego Mardona. Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Zlatan Ibrahimovic are the new Zinedine Zidane, Pele, Cryuff and many more. BUT, there's no player that being compared by Ronaldinho. His brain to be act fast, think fast and make a correct decision with the combination of his creativity and strong mental to achieve the highest standard in football game. Even the opponent will salute and respect of his quick footwork, gameplay and his passion to be the only Ronaldinho.

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