Sunday, 10 March 2013

Assignment #1

Ehem, check-chek, rock-rock.

  1. I'm gonna explain everything in point form because I feel it looks well arrange and easy to read. Perhaps. 
  2. Well...well...well. I made or create this blog because of my Creative Strategy in Advertising lecturer ask to do so. His name is Mr. Khairudin Murad a.k.a Mr. Khai. So, I'm thank him so much because he give me an opportunity to own a blog, finally! I'm not a blogger person type or public express too much because not all things need to be express to the public. But, here, I've got a mission to be done.
  3.  Okay,since this my first post, I try my best to explain and elaborate the quote that he gave to us (me and my classmate). The quote sounds like this "Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know are you doing, but nobody else does."
  4. Whoa! Let me explain what I understand from the meaningful quote. But, is this really a quote or something else? Nevermind. Okay, I'm a guy then I try winking at girl in the dark. It seems like I hope that the girl see me and respond from my action. However, she doesn't see me because of the dark. The solution-winking at the girl at the bright place so I can see what the girl or it could be granny or someone else response to my action. Haaa...that's my own opinion.
  5. If I adapt the winking story to the "Doing business without advertising", it seems like you never get a response from other people. For example, a film director directed a new movie, cost more than RM30 million, with CGI technology, famous and well-known starring actor and actress, great novel based story but if the promotion strategy without using advertising, the public will never know the existance of the movie and not so attracted to watch it. It could be very disastrous and great loss to the movie production. For example, CUN! starring by Maya Karin and Remy Ishak. The media not so supportive to cover up the promotion of this movie because of the bad marketing and promotion effort.  Okey, stop here or someone will sue me. Errr..

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